Cuticle – Mother Rhythm Earth Memory 12″


When Brendan O’Keefe announced his next Cuticle collection would be titled in honor of other 4-word acronym-ready masterpieces like RHCP’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik, what’s her name’s Love Angel Music Baby, etc, we were instantly on board. So add Mother Rhythm Earth Memory to this illustrious list, and it’s a suitably lofty robo rubik’s cube of electric glide, daft crunk, and digital riddling. Right from the start it’s clear this is a new Cuticle creature – gone is the compressed, post-noise overdrive production of last year’s Confectioner’s Beats EP, replaced by a gleaming, fiber optic resonance. “Liquid Crystal Drink (Pour My Dream)” sets the mood: a synthetic funk shuffle decorated with echo keys and computer-smeared vocoder that submerges into a gurgling pool of circuitry before resurrecting like a Herbie Hancock jam teleported into the Tron mainframe. That’s not the only strangeway stacked in this deck; there’s also cyber-jungle dub excursions (“Document Leak”), waterfall temple healing music (“Trickle”), even a fucking Baronic Wall cover (“Night Of Romance”). A mesmerizing window into everyday sonic life on one of the weirder colonies in the hidden confederation of alien electronics. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with hypercolor emulsion artwork by Andreas Ervik, plus a photocopied insert.

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