Cuticle – Mind Holding Pattern LP



When Cuticle’s asteroid techno shrapnel formations finally streak the sky, they’re immediately recognizable – the stark cubic mixing eccentricities, a clashing crosshatch of alien bass patterns and arcade synth fingerpaint, acid atmospherics dripped like candlewax, poems whispered through futuristic air ducts. Brendan O’Keefe’s phantom touch has been distinct since the project’s origin but Mind Holding Pattern feels even more defined and isolated than his earlier work, nine morphing textures charged with different voltages. “Antigogglin” and “Faberge Tear” spywalk a stealthier electronic heartbeat, but “God Still Cannot” and “Beg To Exist” come down thick like heavy Depeche Mode lessons learned at cosmic desert raves, restless and deranged. As always his layouts are spiked with dabs of freeform mutation and wobbling grids, programs buffering to align. The naked hand glows weirder in the foreground. Mastered by GS Mastering & Post. Black vinyl LPs housed in custom silkscreened sleeves designed and printed by Daniel Luedtke.

Audio-Visual Sample 1
Audio-Visual Sample 2