Cruise Family – We’re in Heaven 12″


Cosmic synth music requires regular transfusions of reverse strategies, weird ideas, and bad blood to stay mutating and alive. And while there’s no shortage of projects engaged in this pursuit, the life/art arc of Austria’s Cruise Family cleaves closest to the slipstream we identify with. His early tapes were bubbling fountains of faded trance textures, like a rave reimagining of Monopoly Child Star Searchers’ celestial cassette mysticisms, but We’re In Heaven extrapolates that DNA into more dynamic forms. The sidelong A piece, “We’re In Heaven,” coasts on a carpet of lush galactic synthesizer bliss and metronomic 909 pulses, like someone cross-mixing the best of Software’s Electronic Universe over a slowed-down Model 500 instrumental. The B is split into two tracks: the paranoid warehouse techno skeleton, “Be Part Of It,” and “Gone By Dawn,” which sequences floating new age fractals over a hollow acid handclap, like the spectral shell of some classic sunrise anthem. The fidelity and craft of these cuts are distinct from anything else in the Cruise Family tree, and the best embodiment of his unique matrix of influences. Black vinyl 12 inches in jackets with laser humanoid artwork by Stefan Kushima.

Audio-Visual Sample