Cankun – Isalo Waterfall CS


St Flour de Mercoire’s patron saint of sunburned guitar and electric mirages issues forth an homage to an exquisite natural wonder in Southwestern Madagascar which Monsieur Cankun had the pleasure of witnessing first hand years prior. The strategies employed on his 2011 debut, Jaguar Dance, are improved upon here, swirling solar flares, feathery fields of guitar blur, and skeletal groove metronomes into multi-movement suites of sunset psychedelia. Moods cross-fade between spiraling, inner space cruise (“Collages,” “Stylo”) and revved up celebrations (“Blue Vanilla”, “Jugular Rhythms”) but all share his uniquely fried tonalities and magic touch. Welcome to the waterworld of the Waterfall. Pro-dubbed metallic gold tapes with ecstatic collage artwork by Valerian Marguery.

Audio-Visual Sample