Canada Effervescent – Crystalline CS


Discreet French synthesist Denis Tremblay’s latest offering, Crystalline, spirals further into the recesses of refracted relaxation music and interstitial new age which have come to define the sound of Canada Effervescent. Sun-bleached tones phase, dazzle, and decay against shimmering vistas of synthetic harp and piano, layered with raga drones, meditative mist, and field recordings of running water, wood chimes, and nocturnal insects. Inspired by the canonic healing music of Steven Halpern and David Naegele as well as “wood-and-carpet covered studios, forest moons, and humid love songs,” Tremblay’s touch is ambient but expansive, unspooling in fragile arcs of inner space reflection. An immersive and softly psychedelic sound spa of tonal voyaging by one of today’s more attuned Next Age conduits. Design by Donnie Ka.