Dreamscape Fountains

October 25, 2021

As the dust begins to settle on another scorched, inconclusive year, a few stray radiant fragments remain on the altar. A long winter looms; stockpile stereo kindling accordingly.

Vilnius channeler Andra Ljos’ sophomore offering is a cryptic but seductive suite of Delphic oracle electronics – ceremonial waterways from a forgotten age.

Rogue regenerative hypnagogist New Mexican Stargazers blazes a hidden highway through lands of enchantment and planetarium parking lots.

St. Petersburg synth scion X.Y.R.’s supreme 2017 maze music masterpiece gets reborn on magnetic tape for the new decade.

Golden Soundness Dealers

September 27, 2021

Another delayed transmission regarding a different trio of recent equinox offerings, now down to dwindling / minimal stock, though still sourceable from fine distributors and BC as always. Despite supply chain decay and general global undertow, essential audio documents continue to manifest in sacred spools, here & beyond. To the seeker go the spoils.

The debut by PDX monastery duo Liila, Soundness Of Mind, unfurls modes both fractal and devotional into a meditative mosaic of multi-faceted electro-acoustic kinetics. Elevated pilgrimages of illuminated circuitry.

Manhattan apartment kosmische voyager Golden Hallway Music returns with a 2nd volume of Rules & Chance, his ongoing sketchbooks of solo modal electric organ designs. Enchanted channelings of innerspace Americana.

From the tropical vaults of the Russian Federation comes the collected works of rogue oceanographer Coconut Dealers. Alternately blissed, blue, blank, and blistered, these are castaway time capsules of castaway drift, floating through equatorial voids at the ends of the earth.

Acid Moons, Radiant Unknowns

September 6, 2021

As this masked, miasmic year sidewinds from east to west the need for steady transmissions of transportive sounds only grows. Our summer slate has come & gone but remains for the seizing or streaming @ Midheaven and the burgeoning empire of Bandcamp. As before, so again.

Tokyo trip-ambient masters UNKNOWN ME elevate to the vinyl sphere with their extra-sensory electronica opus, Bishintai. Odes to perception, breath, and new worlds.

Recent Toronto transplant Masahiro Takahashi spins seasonal software meditations and half-light lullabies from a wintry window, woven into a lush tapestry of hushed electronic landscapes: Flowering Tree, Distant Moon.

The latest cryptic devotional set by Newcastle, Australia duo Troth hovers at the threshold of this world and the next: Small Movements In Radiance. Equal parts hidden and heightened, dissipated and divine.

Debut collection of ancient mesa psych by Buenos Aires head shadow burner Acid Twilight treads a darkening path through buried valleys and modal ritual. Nomadic, torch-lit, and eternal.

Cursed Earth Revisited

April 5, 2021

The first phalanx of audio in NNF’s 17th operational year features 4 returning label vets from around this plagued planet, each of whom continues to sidewind and refine their fluctuating vision of mirage sonics. Surf the B-Camp to investigate / invest.

The latest from Jungle Gym Enterprises figurehead Dravier compiles an hour’s worth of subterranean transmissions sourced from tapes, vaults, and private editions: Earth Mirage. Interstitial illusions of spheres within spheres.

East L.A. biker whisperer Filthy Huns’ new collection, Cursed At Birth, is also his crustiest, recorded in rust and quarantine while coyotes haunt the hills and dungeon synth plays from dusty decks under starless skies.

Deluxe multi-panel reissue of Eleventeen Eston’s 2014 fantasy hang-gliding classique, Delta Horizon, following a limited 2019 vinyl pressing by Hamburg specialists Growing Bin. Supreme sunset soft-rock abstractions from the lost shores of Perth.

Remote dreaming sophomore outing by Moscow synthesist Iguana Moonlight. Hyperreal fauna and bioluminescent lagoons grid-mapped for innerspace circuitry.

Age Of Passage

August 15, 2020

In such a shattered & shuttered scorched earth year as this our need for guiding lights on the horizon grows deeper, demanding satiation in multi-sensory ways: seen, felt, heard. NNF’s latest 2020 wasteland slate traverses blocs, steppes, dunes, and rivers, united by a sense of inner space pilgrimage, from and for exiled states of being. Tap in, tape up, trip out.

St. Petersburg soviet synth adept X.Y.R. returns with his latest / greatest odyssey of modal keyboard creations: Pilgrimage. Two windswept widescreen quests of midnight mecca mysticism, side-winding holy deserts of the mind.

Shapeshifting aquamarine ambiences by migratory Jungle Gym co-captain / audio engineer V. Kristoff. Sydra slides through subterranean grottos and skyway crossings, luminous and nuanced, fleeting windows of reflection and rootlessness.

Moscow Federation 4th worldist Alexander Sirenko aka Coral Club loops and layers fantasia terrariums of surreal wilderness on his debut, Nowhere Island. Music of lost isles, sunken jungles, and mosaic illusions, teeming with species unreal and unknown.

Polish time-travel cold-wave curiosity by esoterica aesthete мхи и лишайники [Mosses & Lichens], schemed as part of an opaque mythology involving inter-dimensional nihilism, cold war numerology, and minimalist synth transcendence, with a title tailor made for our age: Piss On The World.

Paradise Naturals

April 5, 2020

No stranger time to engage in fringe sonic pursuits than recent weeks in the planetary viral shadow but no strain of sickness can cease the need to create and consume paradise portals of music, 4 of which we’re releasing on APRIL 24. Two are debuts and two are by NNF veterans with lengthy label camaraderies, spanning France, Florida, British Columbia, and Chicago. The world may be wobbling but this quartet’s vibrational power is undiminished.

British Columbia paradise-pop healer Crystal Dorval’s third White Poppy LP, Paradise Gardens, took shape slowly across 4 years, distilling and deepening into her supreme dream-gaze statement to date. Pressed on gauzy galaxy vinyl.

Grenoble gardener Denis Morin aka Vague Imaginaires’ modal-equatorial debut, L’île D’or, traverses tropical hills and verdant valleys through golden archipelagos of the mind.

Cosmos organist Jimmy Lacy’s proper debut as SiP, Leos Naturals, weaves nine loose & lofty keyboard constellations in the key of life.

Our favorite Floridian enigma Wave Temples dusts off 2 sprawling archival tapestries of oceanic divination and cerulean drift for a visionary voyage to the Inner Keys: Tales From The Cymatic Abyss.

Copies are @ NNF HQ and shipping later this month.

Parisian Windows

September 3, 2019

NNF’s 353rd title is the label’s first film soundtrack – appropriately the score to NNF co-founder Amanda Kramer’s first feature-length movie, Paris Window. Composed by Chicago/Angeleno wunderkind Ben Babbitt, the pieces smear & sink in a moody, menacing haze, conjuring the hypnotic & hermetic world of the sibling protagonists.

Voiceless Dreamers Channel

June 23, 2019

Commemorating a decade and a half in the NNF trenches with a sonic summer solstice trio of tapes spanning California, Copenhagen, and Russia. All 3 are figures who have been percolating through hidden discographical niches for years yet this is our first time working together. Stream or grip via the site SHOP or CAMP.

Russian solo shape-shifter Atariame’s latest is also her most low-lit and oblique, recorded exclusively with a Waldorf Blofeld after an isolating relocation to Moscow. Subtle synthetic spiraling moods tracked in states of sleeplessness and solitude.

Late aughts cassette hallucinationist Jonas Frederiksen aka Dreamers Cloth cranked vaults of hazed & heady electric meditations during a concise but fruitful window of activity a decade ago, releasing much of it via his own Relax With Nature imprint. Vitrospection: 2008-2009 distills an hour of highlights and reveries into a vast voyager’s retrospective.

Inner Islands CEO Sean Conrad has channeled all wavelengths of biodynamic bliss across a half-decade of crouched devotional introspection but his most recent Channelers outing, For Being, is as close to a definitive work as he’s yet made. Warm auras of light and low coasting clouds coalesce across innerspace landscapes of vibrational levitation. Tap in and tap out.

Unknown Spirits On TV

December 9, 2018

Another year fed to the shredder, another decade on the threshold of dust. Truest bluest thanks to all those who kept up, checked in, or touched base with this (or any) endangered musical ecosystem across 2018. Time and listenerships are dwindling resources – none are received lightly.

Our final trio of tapes come from 3 artists on both sides of the Pacific, working in divergent electric modes. Immerse or investigate as curiosity strikes via the links below. Tangible or intangible editions available here, here, or here.

Long-percolating reissue of Texan guitar voyager Joe Knight’s massive, miasmic 2009 dual-cassette debuts: Europe On TV. Sprawling collaged transmissions of sci-fi squall and no-fi new wave, shredded by tape hiss & decayed radio waves, revving through dusty industrial outskirts, half-remembered but full throttle. Remastered with new artwork.

Esteemed Tokyo ambient unit UNKNOWN ME returns with Astronauts, their 3rd full-length of vertigo drift and bio-dome atmospherics, this time themed around notions of “20th century space development.” Hushed astral dust and zero gravity electronics float in soft orbits of melody and texture. Scope their stargazer animation video for “Orbicular Water” to mainline the vibe.

Expansive modal archipelago meditations by Jungle Gym CEO Caleb Draves aka Dravier, spanning surrealist exotica, narcotic new age, and desert island serenade. Music for wandering empty coastlines at dusk, a deepening gradient of sky & horizon, equal parts hypnosis and holiday.

Trade Winds

August 1, 2018

The latest oasis of warming winds & levitational states by Lyon ambient sculptor Les Halles, Zephyr, was sourced from Slovakian fujara flutes, PVC panpipes, and chimes, then subjected to varied processes of decay, delay, and spatial finesse. It’s a mesmerizing aerial ascent into sunrise horizons and blue sky voids, and an apt successor to 2016’s Transient – which, incidentally, was just reissued on cassette. Peruse or purchase as inspired.

Key Les Halles affiliate / cohabitant, Charles Belpois aka Magnétophonique, has just unveiled a remastered collection of 12 of his most blissed & adrift (and out-of-print) desert island hallucinations: Une Cartographie Idéale. Wash ashore & wash away.

FURTHER – the pair are hitting the motorways this month for a string of live dates in many less-often traveled Eastern European urban centers. Investigate FB for more accurate venue information:

August 7 – Spelunke, Leipzig, DE
August 8 – Pierre Grasse, Halle, DE
August 9 – Młodsza Siostra, Warsaw, PL
August 10 – Sauna Nuuk, Hradec Kralové, CZ
August 11 – TBA, Brno, CZ
August 14 – TBA, Sofia, BL
August 16 – Жижа Café Žiža, Banja Luka, BA
August 18 – Casa Galeone, Potenza Picena, IT

Global Zones

March 9, 2018

Trawled the orb for 2018’s inaugural NNF transmission, a trio sourced from swamps, strip malls, and suburbs in diverse time zones, all of which share a private psychical vision rendered via instrumental electrical means. Scope or grip via links below or in the Not Not Fun Bandcamp Marketplace – inquiries, trades, or collaborations welcome.

[photo by Rebecca Rose]

John Touchton’s Everglades séance-industrial project Severed+Said has been developing steadily since 2014 traced by a string of tapes & regional tours. Incorporeality was tracked in a Jacksonville, FL home studio using carefully miked amplifiers to achieve a uniquely visceral, threatening sound. Synth-wave summonings from midnight swamps.

Terlu is the moniker of a tape-hiss Casio recluse based in the suburbs of Northern Phoenix responsible for a cast of compelling ambient releases across the past decade. Big Bingo collects an hour’s worth of unreleased archival reveries tracked in a garage in Grass Valley, California in 2011 while obsessed with Raymond Scott’s Soothing Sounds For Baby.

Russian fourth-world fusionist Mårble runs a hand-assembled tape imprint called Hair Del. and travels extensively gathering field recordings to color his warped ethno-hybrid instrumental improvisations featuring balafon, flute, percussion, saxophone, and synths. Diego is his latest & greatest spelunk into a unique vein of frog serenade miasmic globalism.

Renewal Season

November 29, 2017

Few years in recent memory left such a scorched earth in their wake as this one, so it’s with no fondness we usher it into the alley and slam the door. As always though the criss-crossed web of artist & allies we’re lucky enough to have in our corner continue percolating new works into the ether regardless of external dystopias gathering steam. Proud to close the calendar with a trio of deep offerings by three very disparate musicians with layered histories on the label. Audio samples scattered across the (as of now still neutral) net for the curious or committed.

Cosmos-pop crooner Chikiss unveils New Season, the spectral opus we’d been hoping for since 2014, when she first crossed our path bearing the Russia/Ukraine solo female electronics compilation, She Knows More Than She Thinks. Hushed & haunted ballads of inner & outer space.

Twin Cities ex-pat Nick Koenigs continues his L.A. biker-psych voyaging via the latest & loosest Filthy Huns slab: Forever Beast. Four fried desert treks of shredded leather and chrome dub, fleshed out with crucial synth chemtrails by Aaron Steinberg.

As the Bay’s boheme legacy drains away down a tech-sized hole only a few vagrants keep the city’s zip codes dusted with true drifter’s spirit, and high on that list is Anthony Boruch-Comstock Orion aka Swanox. His latest, Jokes About Rain, reworks selections from a 2013 tape alongside some other stray cuts for a hazy hitchhike through poetic burner Americana.

The Next Age

June 30, 2017

For the scorching heights of summer, a trio of innerspace audio estuaries for escape & relief, courtesy of 3 fringe ambient dreamers of the Next Age.

St. Petersburg pathfinder X.Y.R. crowns his deepening discography with a long-awaited vinyl opus, Labyrinth. Mesmerizing maze music mapped for altered states. Available with exclusive companion cassette, Reflections, while stock remains.

Narrative Russian newcomer Iguana Moonlight layers synthesizer and field recordings to conjure castaway fantasies of barren shorelines and tropical isolation on his debut, Wild Palms. The salt air hangs heavy, the horizon empty and endless.

French fabulist Canada Effervescent follows up a few Bandcamp collections with a fleshed-out full-length, Crystalline, tracing his unique hallucinatory mode via interstitial new age and intuitive brainwash electronics. Laid out in vibrant vintage graphics by Mr Donnie Ka.

May Decay

May 7, 2017

Video Salon is the entrancing collaborative duo of Humboldt County electric voyager Brian Pyle (of Ensemble Economique & Starving Weirdos) and Berlin-based spectral songstress Galya Chikiss, who curated (and appeared on) the She Knows More Than She Thinks compilation from 2014 of all solo female electronic projects from Russia and Ukraine. Their self-titled debut spans mesmeric noise, skeletal dub, and heavenly haze, traced across interior arcades. A crucial congealing of 2 persuasive forces.

L.A. lifer subterraneans Robedoor unleash their first new full-length in 4 years, New Age Sewage, issued on tape and wax via NNF and French imprint Hands In The Dark. 6 heavy quests of cryptic sludge and industrial possession, channeling the hidden venoms and voids of west coast consciousness.

Magnetized Unknown

February 25, 2017

Magnetizer - purp
Proud to present Reality, the sophomore EP of vividly funked trash fire electronics by low profile Oakland lifer Magnetizer, following 2016’s blasted Post-Body tape on Goaty. Equal parts fried and freaky, keeping the torch lit for cyberwave undesirables worldwide.

unknown me 1
subtropics is the 2nd album of hushed vaporous vignettes by focused Tokyo ambient unit UNKNOWN ME, expanding on the tones and zones of last year’s sunday void cassette. Synthetic zen gardens of electronic curiosity and global field recordings. Subtropical and subliminal.


Also added some choice restocks and stray SILK vintage classics. Partake & participate.

Empty Temples

December 19, 2016

As this ruinous year finally drains away into the sewer of time we offer 2 final vessels of cryptic revolt & transportive hallucinations. Thanks to all for keeping torches lit & believing in the unknown.

Floridian voyager Wave Temples charts deserted shores and isolated paradises via smeared field recordings and sunburned drift. His latest, Isle Enchanted, is as haunted and heavenly as any in his discography.

Roman organizer Mai Mai Mai closes his miasmic Mediterranean industrial trilogy with Phi, following on the heels of Theta and Delta. Six pieces of seasick psychedelic noise, featuring collaborators old & new. Vinyl edition available via our friends @ Boring Machines.


Delicate Echo

October 31, 2016

A pair of new offerings sourced from across the globe are now available in the shop in niche editions. Peruse your preferred platform for samples / streaming / info / purchase links. Proud to cast the net ever wider into the ambiguous ether of time & space.

Veiled melancholic Russian electronic duo Delicate Features follow slowly on the heels of their 2014 debut with Sky of Earth, an 11-song cycle sweeping thru lovesick ambience, twilit trip-hop, hexed electronic instrumentals, eastern bloc ballads, and grey-scale requiems. Sade lost on the endless steppe.

Swedish free spirit Ekolali churns an evocative fog of looped hand-drums, vaporous textures, and echo-refracted guitar spirals across a single 40-minute composition on Igor, his first stateside release after several years of psychedelic workshopping. A transportive kosmische odyssey in league with history’s great mindflights.

Salivating Scraps

September 27, 2016

V pleased to re-avail the public of this lost collection of hazed guitar Tascam vignettes by Belgian lurker Ssaliva, Mercury Coast, which was tracked in 2011 but never issued physically for unremembered reasons. Woozy moods and fever dreams flow within frayed ragas and haunted dust.

Brisbane synth romantica itinerant Laura Hill aka Scraps returns to the recorded realm with perhaps her best and most busted collection of sleep-deprived synthetic pop, TTNIK, named for famed ships sinking into ancient oceans. Custom stenciled & hand-numbered J-cards, ripe for stashing on shelves of sacred objects.

ALSO: a wide array of elder vinyl titles have surfaced in disused distributor storage units and have been re-added to the NNF web store so please cruise & reflect on glories overlooked. Deals abound.

LASTLY: NNF has belatedly entered the Bandcamp generation so by all means partake if that’s your preferred platform. We are in the process of uploading past projects as available but please weigh in if there’s anything particular you’ve love to see included.

Pre-Solstice Sounds

June 16, 2016

umberto sketch
Nocturnal L.A. transplant Umberto shifts gears into a melancholic Soviet fantasma
of brooding heavens and harrowing nightstalks. His most divergent LP to
date, and first full-length since 2013.

Les Halles studio
French New Agist Les Halles presents his vinyl debut after several phenomenal tapes
for the Constellation Tatsu and Noumenal Loom imprints. Blissed pastures of Incan
panpipe textures, dragged through amber waves of grain and hiss. Available
with or without an exclusive companion cassette EP, Sentient.

One half of Malmo hypno-masters Skeppet pursues a mantric holographic haze
inspired by travels in the pacific northwest. A web of overlapping dream


Umberto The Drifter

May 17, 2016

Umberto’s Alienation

May 10, 2016

Vibes Of March

March 29, 2016

purple pilgrims
After years in the fantastical wilderness New Zealand / Hong Kong psychic sister duo Purple Pilgrims lay forth their narcotic cocoon of ceremonial dreams, Eternal Delight. White vinyl.

crystal 1
Vancouver reverie gaze-waver White Poppy recently wrapped her 2nd European tour in support of 2015’s Natural Phenomena CD/LP. A limited cassette edition was produced for the occasion. The remaining stock is now available.

Shapeshifting Bristol giallo wiz Antoni Maiovvi subdivides a fresh replicant identity, Pleasure Model. Kendo Dynamics is his debut of blasted cybernetic hardware themes.

Windy City liquid fusionist Potions follows last year’s Phased collection with a new full-length of melting grids, Pushing The Cuboid. Fuming beakers of robo dub glide, guest-starring Rob Frye of prime trance squad Bitchin Bajas.

buz excerpt
Andrew Morrison aka The Cyclist’s sophomore outing as Buz Ludzha, Basslines For Life, grinds even deeper into his “tape throb” signature of decayed house and raw motorik soul.

Sydney shop boss and bucket hat champ Hubert Clarke Jr weaves a web of cool jack and vibed house across his funked debut, Al Dente. Loose moods, crucial moves.

ALL FULLY FOR SALE UP IN HERE: http://www.notnotfun.com/shop-3/

PS – grip all 4 new SILKs & score a SILK freebie of yr choice (mention what’s up in the Paypal notes)

Purple Pilgrimage

February 18, 2016

NNF Twelve-iversary

February 9, 2016

nnf bong web
Time has a habit of sprawling endlessly onwards and generally giving no fucks about anything, which has led to the realization that this month marks NNF’s 12th year in existence. 12 isn’t a particularly momentous birthday but for the sake of generosity and casual altruism we are crowning the occasion with one of our BUY ONE GET ONE FREE vinyl sales.

So: for the duration of FEBRUARY 12TH, midnight to midnight, regardless of time zone, all LP or 12″ purchasers are welcome to an additional title free of charge. Just mention the bonus item / items in your Paypal “notes” area, or email us: notnotfunrecords @ gmail

Deal is valid for as many records as you want (buy 3 get 3 free, etc) – the only catch is that orderers must pay full postage costs.

ALSO, ONE STOCK ANNOUNCEMENT: due to forces well outside our control the pressing plant we work with was unknowingly delivered a palette of unsatisfactory PVC pellets (the material from which vinyl records are manufactured). The only job of ours which was affected was the JAMES BOOTH “HUMAN RITES” 12″ (SILK084). The situation has since been rectified and a fresh, cleaner, optimal pressing is in stock as of 2 weeks ago. BUT: anyone who purchased a copy of this 12″ between November and mid-January may have received a scratchier pressing than was approved. please shoot us an email if this may be the case, we have replacements on hand. Apologies for the hassle! Making vinyl records is a physical process so physical mistakes do sometimes occur.


January 21, 2016

skeppet shop
Malmo crypto-hypno duo Skeppet have collected an hour’s worth of out-of-print electric vibe-maps into a single spool of magnetic tape: Skeppet Deluxe. Outside the world’s wearying gaze, otherworldly music is freed to materialize. Each track channels a different variable of longform psychedelic intuition. Soak “Coast Rider” below to sample the goods.

Also very pleased to present a slim stack of distro copies of Magic Toucher Damon Eliza Palermo’s swirling new age fusion debut for 1080p Collection. These are rich sessions of nuanced zoning, by one of our favorite musicians across varied styles. Have about 8 left in stock.

weyes skeleton
Other news: the long OOP 2011 vinyl debut by Natalie Mering aka Weyes Blood – The Outside Room – has just seen a limited repress on opaque turquoise vinyl. Her newer material has cleaned up the grit and cobwebs somewhat but these are the crusty, clanking origins, runic attic-folk for stick-and-poke punks passed out in stained sheets, dreaming of myths. Return to the source.


Taped Escapes

December 2, 2015

2015 is oozing its way down into the Sewers Of The Past but before the year closes we have 3 fresh unveilings for global boombox enthusiasists, across a spectrum of electric modes. As a thank you to super-supporters of fringe artistic enterprises such as this one we are rewarding those who purchase all 3 new titles with a FREE ITEM OF THEIR CHOICE from the NNF SHOP – any label, any format! Just mention your preference in the Paypal notes. Questions or issues, reach out & express yrself: notnotfunrecords @ gmail

xyr 1
Decayed Soviet synth designs by one of Russia’s foremost ambient fantasists, after immersive collections for Constellation Tatsu and Illuminated Paths.

bronze live
San Fran oscillator fusion trio return w/ their 3rd full-length of psychosis, psychedelia, and free verse. NNF edition is on cassette but we have 9 copies of the vinyl version, released on the Spanish imprint, BFE.

LH live
Woozy liquid new age debut by this symbiotic Melbourne duo, originally released on the Dungeon Taxis label. Remastered by Lawrence English.

Bronco Bowl

October 19, 2015

Minneapolis Greyhound enthusiast Sasha Conda recently criss-crossed various North American time zones to live-rep his skewed saga of cyber-hedonistic casino boogie, BRONCO, which is finally available in physical form as well: in an oversized case w/ deluxe airbrush hero portraiture artwork courtesy of Orange Milk Recs CEO Keith Rankin, accompanied by a 24-page zine / experimental prose narrative by Patric Scott-Walsh III. Dystopian delusions writ large, translated through a language of decadent electronics.


roche sky
San Fran smokestack Ben Winans aka Roche unleashes his most ripping and lofty opus to date, Dawn Of The Next Cycle. Longform body music trance states woven into a convincing innerspace ultimatum. Crucial for the time remaining.

mr bronson beer
Melbourne mainliner Mr Bronson runs a label and releases lathes of his heavily hypnotized synthesizer sequencings but his SILK debut, Trans Pacific, is leaner and longer, analog and mantric. Motions across oceans. Aged dreams of the future. Science is a fiction.

nackt copy
Bay Area fixture Johnny Igaz aka Nackt co-throws the ongoing Outpost parties in addition to jamming acid productions w/ a cast of collaborators, culminating in Virex, his sleekest and most satisfying set of tracks to date. Live energies, in states of mutation, strobelights soaking the retina, speakers in every corner. Turn everything up.





August 12, 2015

digi city
Summer in the Southland is still curdling with chemical-skied days and starless nights of coyotes foraging through vegan garbage so the need for escape feels as relevant as ever. As such we’ve facilitated a few new immersion capsules ideal for free-floating or mantric motion, info below. There have also been a number of long OOP NNF titles re-added to the SHOP as a couple palettes of stock were salvaged from a dusty distributor, please browse and take advantage. Deals and details abound.

2814 – Miraculous sophomore collaboration by Dream Catalogue heavyweight duo bends mist and moods within metropolitan infinities. Originally released in a run of 50 CDRs NNF is honored to present this future classic to boomboxes worldwide.

cherushii lav
CHERUSHII – Mission District deep house deep believer Chelsea Faith strays far from the disco lights on this new tape collection, exploring aquatic digitalitism, ultraviolet night themes, and reflective rave, flexing fresh circuits.

paradise 100
PARADISE 100 – Belgian craftsman Graham Peel re-emerges from an extended absence with 4 new paradise constructs of hybridized hypno-jack, covering various bases, the sly touch on point and up for grabs.

donna pixel
AUSCULTATION – Recent PDX transplant Joel Shanahan continues mining his splinter alias, Auscultation, after a stunning debut last year on 1080p Collection. Slinky designs spun through gauzy modes of longing and plasmatic electricity. Quite possibly the deepest material he’s yet coaxed from the vault of self.

ALL ARE AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.notnotfun.com/shop-3/

OF NOTE: PURCHASE ALL 3 NEW SILK CASSETTES AND ENJOY A FREE 100% SILK VINYL RELEASE OF YOUR CHOOSING (simply mention your preference – and alternate – in your Paypal notes).

ALSO: miraculously back in stock, salvaged from a London dungeon:

Solstice Scorch

July 7, 2015

We have arrived – the smog daze of summer, waterless and confirmed for extinction. Each day another turntable’s worth of melting moods. No time like the present to blow a mind and believe in the present. All 3 of these full-lengths have been hovering on our horizon since definite 2014 terrain and it’s exciting to get to share them by the side of the pentagram superhighway. Take a chance.

Crystal Dorval’s second full-length presents a warm, woozy wardrobe of decayed dreamcatcher pop, fried snakecharmer psych, and electric mosquito netting ambience, billowing by the open window. Beautiful songs devoid of distraction. A healing dome of ultraviolet haze.

Minneapolis / Brooklyn anarchy-acid trio deliver their vinyl debut after a string of trashed tapes for North America’s finest. Drum machinery, smeared samples, dub junkyards, Oakley on the mic in a room of confusion and sweat – people’s music if the people were fearless.

NC promo photo
Miraculous document of insurgent VHS-scrambled prog-techno improvisations by the nexus of Minnesota’s renegade synth division. Mass energies channeled for a purpose, the conduit of resistance. Crucial and destined for greatness in this life or a better one.

ALSO, a pair of new SILK offerings for those unafraid of bodily movement:

Bobby Browser by Lyndsey Mitchell
Lifer coast-swapping producer Andre Ferreira caps his SILK EP trilogy with “Clubspinning,” four of the richest, most dialed-in pieces of music he’s ever coaxed from an interface. Whether the world wakes up or not, the Browser keeps browsing, no tab left untouched, a treasure for future crates.

Comp tape of unreleased trax and remixes marking SILK’s 5th year in the killing fields of electronic rhythm music. Lots of friends old and new, spanning a consortium of faded coastal dance interzones. Reality used to be a friend of us.

ALL can be ordered HERE in the NNF + distro STOREFRONT

Jax For Daze

May 5, 2015

After a prolonged holding pattern Jupiter Jax’s long-anticipated debut LP, Visions, has finally arced into the hangar, and is now available for home use. While supplies last the record is also available with a full-length companion cassette of additional material sourced from the Visions sessions, in the same ice-dusted, mirage-heavy style: Visitors. Please Paypal accordingly.

THAT’S NOT ALL – a quartet of new cassettes have also landed, all of which we biasedly find totally exceptional.

Vincent Caylet’s latest Cankun concoction flares and dissipates like sunspots, melted voyages of guitar, synth, loops, beats, and haze. Psych transmissions lit by solar eclipses. Vinyl version on French curatorial squad Hands In The Dark.

Warehouse ritual entity Severed+Said hails from Jacksonville, Florida and harnesses all the bleakness and marsh-menace that geography implies. Amplifier buzz, Heathen Earth bass throbs, and burner keyboard motifs, caught in the undertow of bad moons.

cyclist copy
Andrew Morrison’s “tape throb” identity, The Cyclist, is a long-time fave of in the realm of grainy, sandblasted house, and Hot House advances his agenda in glorious, wrecked ways. 12″ edition for sale via revived London imprint Music/is/for/losers.

body-san copy
Swank chrome escalator muzak from Kansas City’s Brandon Knocke (Discoverer, etc). Upscale lobby vibes, with free Wi-Fi.